Wednesday, May 1

Hurray - the First of May!

Well, the sun's shining as I write this, I've been out early with the dogs and then made pancakes for breakfast so I am feeling all virtuous for a little while...

We spent last week exploring Galloway, in an assortment of weathers. It's such a lovely part of the country that it was great to have time to wander through woods, along a deserted beach and over moors. That's in between sampling coffee, scones and the wonderful Cream o' Galloway ice cream of course. (I can recommend gingerbread flavour and the cardamom is very fine too). We enjoyed a trip to the Mull of Galloway, watching a little bird life and lots of army/navy offshore manouevres from the lighthouse. Dogs strictly at home for that trip - too scary for us having them on leads anywhere near the cliffs.

It's ok, they still managed to have a great time, what with all that water to muck about in and a warm stove to return to.

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