Sunday, October 27

Autumn lV

Before the rains came...

 Some experimental dyeing of cotton perle threads

 Putting the final touches to our Indian inspired banner 
at Borders Textile Towerhouse a few nights ago. 
Looks a little odd hung in front of a picture
 here but it will get a proper home soon.
 And a last reminder from me 
before Saturday's woolly celebrations

Saturday, October 19

Saturday, October 12

Autumn Colours ll

While out with the dogs this morning I found some little windblown acorns, and back home on the grass were rich red shades which I artistically rearranged for the camera.

Pauline whipped up this little maritime themed jacket to show off my indigo dyed double knitting. It was a lovely surprise and demonstrates perfectly how different skeins can complement each other.

Friday 2.45pm

Friday 3.00pm

I was just admiring my stock of handspun when along came Camilla and bought up the blues as a gift to a talented quilt maker in the American mid-west!

Monday, October 7

Autumn Colours

the rosehip syrup is bottled up

home grown tomatoes and apples keeping company 
with some more travelled fruit and veg

but that picture inspired me to gather together 
all my blue and white crockery,
 including two great charity acquisitions

 felted handspun stripes

 and lovely leaves outside Tart HQ