Wednesday, April 30

Ready to Roll

Work is framed, 
labels are made, 
lists have been written 
and ticked off, 
and added to, 
and scored out,
and rewritten....
so it must be time for Art@Ancrum!
I had to be at least semi- organised because we were away for a long weekend, to indulge in a grand family get-together. Hugh's cousin had booked a big house at Symonds Yat (on the River Wye) for us to share and it worked pretty well. 
On Sunday morning Hugh and I finally had a go on segways...and I didn't fall off - not so much as a wobble.
The previous day we'd had a great walk alongside the river then up through wild-garlic-smelling, bluebell-hued woods.


 The journeys there and back for the weekend were less lovely - long hours of rainy motorway stop-start driving. As we headed north and the roads became quieter and infinitely more beautiful, it felt good to be homeward bound.

So, Friday's private view then a long arty weekend for me, while Hugh zooms up to Fort William to do his bit in the Maggies Bike and Hike.

Wednesday, April 23

Works in progress...

...are all over the place this week. And every time I start a new piece I have to resist being side- tracked by all the other interesting salvaged papers and lovely threads in my collection, crying out to be incorporated into yet more projects. The list in my head just keeps getting longer...

Once I have my weekend home set up at Art@Ancrum I will be sitting down to spin again. The wheel has been a little neglected this month but I want to make more yarns for the following event which will be the Highland Wool Festival (over fifty stalls of wool and yarn and felt and weaving and lots of textile supplies = bliss).

Talking of events, I am very excited to have had my place at this year's Yarndale confirmed. So book yourself a yarny treat for the weekend of 27th and 28th September in Skipton - it's going to be glorious!

Now this image I have purloined from Helen at Ripples Crafts, dyer of delicious yarns. This here is a hat designed by Woolly Wormhead in Helen's yarn, and decorated with a giant wooden button from none other than The Border Tart! Read more on Helen's blog

Saturday, April 12


Weeks are zipping along and I'm really enjoying making new work for Art@Ancrum which takes place on 3rd 4th 5th May. Twenty six artists in one lovely village with a great shop (does coffee and bacon rolls too) and a proper pub. Support the Borders and have yourself a fine day Bank Holiday day out!
My Stitching the Blues exhibition runs until 11th May at Borders Textile Towerhouse in Hawick so there's plenty of time to have a wee look and tell me what you think. As you might expect, though, there's still a distinctive Indian flavour to the work I am creating for Ancrum...

Wednesday, April 2

Sunday is Stitchday

Getting all my yarn and fibre and buttons
and threads together for Sunday!