Tuesday, October 24

No discernable progress

Not much to report. Still gathering ideas, still making things, still looking forward to having the time to master website building. Busy preparing for Wool Gathering group's first meeting on 5th November and need to get invitations out for Open Days here at The Workhouse at the end of the month too.

Tuesday, October 3

Tale the Second

Progress is sedate. Planning to undertake a wee bit of training in Microsoft Front Page after our Open Days in late November. Meanwhile I have been sewing
white mice (as you do) and little needlecases, and having lots of
ideas for cards. Made some more mobiles/hangers too.
Need to get up into Mother's loft to dig out more choice images from my childhood. I am sure they deserve a wider audience...

Tale the First

Start as you mean to go on! This blog is playing to an audience of one (and she's brown, has four legs and is snoring in her bed in the kitchen) while I get the Border Tart website up and running. It's all in my head but it ain't out there in the ether yet and won't be for a while.
But I'll blog so I can record for me at least the next few months while I work on getting stock in place and brain in gear....