Sunday, May 27

Sunday Sunny Sunday

Been busy spinning and stitching in HQ this weekend, though it got a bit too hot in the afternoons, and eventually I just had to take to the shade with a book - sad, eh? 
New hand spun in the sun
I am re-reading The Lothian Run by Mollie Hunter, for age 10+. I loved the good Scots adventure story of Smugglers v Customs when I was a wean and it's still fine 40 years on. I picked up a copy at the wee Spring Fair at Southdean for 50p.
Sock Number One was duly finished. Sock Number Two has been started. I will probably feel the need to post another pic of the (hopefully) matching pair but then I promise  - no more for a while.
One large step for Tartkind

Thanks, Jakki, for getting me this far - without a wee push from you it would probably never have happened!

Sunday, May 20


   ...on a sunny Sunday - whatever next!

Enjoyed a fine wee gathering today - just seven of us, three knitting, three stitching and one felting, all sharing stories and ideas, as well as an exceptionally fine cake featuring apples and maple syrup (thanks Fiona!). 
 Yesterday I was given a lovely present which included pages salvaged from old Vogue pattern magazines of the 30s and 40s - masses of drawings of glamorous attenuated women in elegant costumes which the capable seamstress could whizz up on her machine in the blink of an eye. There are a good few adverts too, mostly in black and white but the one above is in glorious technicolour - J&P Coats Boilfast Threads

Sock construction continues at a steady pace - have since advanced to the heel flap. Wow...

Already it is time for arty types to commit to participating in this year's Crossing Borders Art Trail. I took a few pics of my 'stuff' for the image to be included in the trail booklet but this one didn't make the cut.

Monday, May 14

Carding, Collaging, Cnitting?

The peaceful early morning scene at Elsecar where we stayed for our wee Textile Tour

HQ has been full of fibre lately as I've been using the lovely drum carder to make more blended batts for spinners and felters and other creative types. It's fun making rainbows. 

Tidied all the fibre accoutrements away and got out the ever-increasing heaps of essential bits of paper to start work on some collages.
Back in front of the PC I'm working on the Spring newsletter which I may just have finished before this weekend's Woolgathering (you're all welcome)
I think there will be plenty to talk about what with edited highlights of the Textile Tour, the inspirational Artists Book Fair some of us went to a few weeks ago and, last but not least, my progress with sock knitting.
That's if there is any.
I'm off to Jakki's tomorrow evening to give it my best shot or at least produce something for my talented friends to laugh at!

Tuesday, May 8

Textile Tour

Open Studio in Saltaire
Just had a fantastic weekend with a great mix of friends on our textile tour. We've been in Durham to see Stitchbusiness, and Wingham Wool in Wentworth for a major fibre overload. We've travelled to Salt's Mill at Saltaire and Farfield Mill in Sedbergh. Everywhere we've  met friendly, enthusiastic staff and owners, had good food and drinks, seen impressive textile work and lots more besides. 

Top floor in Farfield Mill - looms to try!
Books and fibre have been acquired, a couple of hand spindles, lots of cards and a little fabric. Even the weather was pretty kind, allowing passengers to appreciate glorious countryside as we drove around. No wonder we want to do it all again!
Just a sample of Wingham's stock
Meanwhile Jakki at Ecozee has told me about her new sock knitting classes starting next Tues 15th May for 3 Tuesdays 7 - 9.30 in Earlston.  It's £40 including sock wool, needles and pattern book/instructions and a great teacher. I am seriously considering it  - want to keep me company? I think there are two spaces left at the moment.
She's running several other lovely evenings too  (I think they all include tea and cake - wise girl) I'll list them all in my forthcoming newsletter but meanwhile you can nip over here to read more