Wednesday, June 30

Technicolour Heaven

Just a quick post as I am rushing about tonight...
Was at Woolfest last Friday and what a great day we had! The weather was lovely, the drive over was enjoyable (thank you, kind chauffeuse!), the company excellent fun and the fibrefest itself was a treat for all the senses. The smell of the animals as you walk in, the sound of happy happy people exclaiming over new finds, the feel of angora, cashmere, silk and soft wools, and the sight of all those glorious shades and blends and dyed wonders! Ach it was just a delight from start to finish.

Taste? I had a pretty fine ewes' milk ice cream -- even if Katie and Annie had snaffled the last chocolate flake!

Now I must go photograph some of my many purchases...and I'll leave you to ponder p/hopping if it's new to you!

Wednesday, June 23

Still Smiling!

any excuse...

Unbelievably the sun is still shining, though it's a bit misty and breezy today. I celebrated with two big fat homegrown strawberries with my breakfast but was far too busy munching to consider capturing them on camera for your delight at that hour of the morning.

On Sunday Hugh and I had a quick jaunt to Elsdon to meet Carolle and Sarah Morpeth and to be totally inspired by their workplace and their talents - there's still time to visit as 26/27 June is the last weekend of the Art Tour there. If you can't get there then do have a look at their lovely websites.
I've been doing a fibre stocktake in readiness for purchasing more glorious colourful fibre at the great annual celebration of all things woolly which is Woolfest this Friday and Saturday. It's a treat for all the senses and an opportunity to see much missed faces like Helen of Ripples Crafts

Not Helen's dyeing, just an arty arrangement of various handspun, dyed or Noro yarns

Thursday, June 17

Smiley weather

A few days of sunshine and the world seems a happier place. So easily pleased here in this wee corner of the kingdom!
I've been doing chores and earning my crust but in between times I've been outside with stitchery of one sort or another. As some of it is wintery (!) I'll not spoil the moment by posting photographs of works in progress. Instead here's a selection of my handmade booklets which are in The Crafters this month
as are the felt birdies. The hearts are at home and have been joined by some felt elephants which have not made it in front of the lens yet.

Friday, June 11

I heart ART

Yeah, bit corny, but what do you expect from a Tart?
The last few weeks have not been a bundle of fun but the weekends have been great! I've had two Saturdays OUT in a row and I'm aiming for a third tomorrow!

The end of May saw a happy load of arty types driving across to Dumfries and Galloway to sample the delights of Spring Fling. We met some fantastic artists in lovely settings and thoroughly enjoyed a wet and unruly sort of day. We stumbled across a mini food festival in Castle Douglas and saw work by this artist (she looked familiar and lo, she was a contemporary at textile college, though I would say she is aging rather better than me!) and this one whose willow work is widely collected and this one whose work makes you smile a LOT! I made a modest but very pleasing pottery purchase which you can see here. I chose a jug from the range and it's been in use every day since

Last weekend Amanda and Fiona and I hit Northumberland to visit Art Tour participants - after a slight detour to RE which is a most dangerous place. We met painter Christina Mingard and her felter daughter Cat, amongst others while also taking in the delights of Katie's place at Allen Mill. Amanda, Katie and I did a quick pose in her beloved, and surprisingly comfortable bath, squinting into the sun. As it was a Woolly Day at MAKE, we were encouraged upstairs to a treasure trove of yarn bargains as well as a slightly more, ermm, unusual, collection of knitted soft toys. Gifted by the baker next door, each and every one was available to take home with you for a small donation to charity. Try as I might, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to knit an elf or a gnome or a dwarf, let alone seven and Snow White too.... ho hum, each to their own... Our homeward trip involved a brief stop at The Errington Arms just north of Corbridge for a drink in the sunshine. We'd have stayed longer and maybe enjoyed a bar meal if it were not for the ill-mannered barman. It briefly marred an otherwise excellent day out in the glorious Northumberland countryside.

The Art Trail continues every weekend in June so tomorrow I hope to meet Sarah Morpeth who makes delicious paperworks - you can see more here or wait for the next instalment of Tart's Tales!