Thursday, August 26

Seven days from now...

... my mind will be even more addled than it is today!

(Fortunately I have an idyllic rural view from my kitchen this evening - lucky or what?)

The cottage living room will have been partially stripped of furniture
A riot of artwork and all sorts of textile-related stuff will take its place

Chaos may reign but by 10 am on Friday 3rd September,

the Border Tart's little corner of the

will be ready to rock!

Look out for my sheep!

Wednesday, August 18

Just checking in...

A bit of a run on duties for the next week or two.
Scrub the cottage ready for visitors, bake bread for them, bake for the impending Southdean Show, feel guilty about not putting in enough entries for the Industrial Section in said Show so scrabble around for more jars of marmalade and chutney, handknits and other crafty bits, assemble all the stuff I need for my stall at Smailholm Show the following day, cram in some spinning and stitching and get the washing out while the sun's shining. Southdean Show - 2pm on Saturday - all the usual tents and entertainments plus stock judging, BBQ with real quality burgers, tea tent with yours truly assisting, great bookstall by Latimer Books of Kelso, model railway etc etc.

Smailholm Fete from 11 am on Sunday - the same but different!

Next week there's another changeover in the cottage, and some admin work every morning in Jedburgh. In between times I am making some groovy collages and texture and pattern studies to display at the Crossing Borders Art Trail on 3rd 4th and 5th September. Lots more to waffle on about that in the next post....Tra la la la... time for a cuppa or maybe a little lie down!

Monday, August 9

Cultural Trip

Pittenweem Arts Festival runs for a week from Saturday 7th August. For nearly thirty years this Fife coastal village has turned itself into one giant art exhibition for a week every summer. Last year was my first day trip there and I loved it. But with about 100 different venues to visit that just wasn't long enough. This time, my friends and I decided we deserved two days to enjoy the festival so we drove up early Saturday morning, and returned to the Borders on Sunday evening. In between times we....
  • met Elvis (oh yes we did, he has four paws, a low-slung undercarriage, and has left his footprints in Georgie Young's concrete path)
  • saw some awesome weaving by the Dovecot Studios
  • were introduced to a fine specimen of a Labradoodle
  • watched the torchlight procession and the fantastic first night fireworks
  • bought some small scale artwork and drooled a lot over the big stuff
  • ate perfect fish and chips from the famous Anstruther chippie, having queued for a long long long time
  • climbed innumerable steep wynds
  • admired a canoeing terrier
  • enjoyed chocolate scones at The Cocoa Tree
  • loved the opportunity to walk and talk in other people's gardens
  • shared our thoughts on artists and artwork and presentation and the whole Open Studio thing
We drove out to Ovenstone Artists Studios and admired work there. My favourite was Joanna Foster whose work you can see above.

We'd booked into the Crichton House B&B in Anstruther, a quick mile or so along the road. It is the best possible advertisement for good Scottish hospitality. A spotless establishment, great rooms, good showers, a lovely happy hostess and a marvellous breakfast!
I went for a walk before mine, and admired the shell decoration on the gable of the house down the road.

Wednesday, August 4

Six Today

Well now, you may remember that some time ago I agreed to share this blog with her ladyship, on the understanding that I would be able to post regular blog entries.

This is my first...and then only on sufferance, I fear, as it is my birthday. Ah yes, I am a now a mature and rather attractive six year old. I've kept my trim figure, though I have developed a reasonable ruff (NOT a double chin, so don't even think it!).

I've had a pleasant day though no special treats have been forthcoming, and the expected stream of visitors bearing gifts has failed to materialise. I am, of course, above such things now but a little more attention would not have gone amiss.
I managed to snuggle up to Hugh at lunchtime but it was all too brief as he then donned chainsaw gear and went off to cut up wood. I retreated to the living room to catch the afternoon sun...