What are Woolgatherings?

They're get-togethers for anyone and everyone with a textile interest.  Come along and try one out!
I host them four times a year in the village hall here in Chesters and they usually run from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm-ish. 
The cost is a staggering £5 which helps me cover the cost of the hall and heating, plus decent coffee and tea and the inevitable home-baking without which no self-respecting gathering is complete.  
The group varies every time though there are regulars. There are generally about a dozen of us and anyone may be knitting (two needles, four needles, circular needles), needle felting, quilting, mending, embroidering, crocheting, patchworking, battling on with a needleworked tapestry panel, carding, spinning, casting on, finishing off, boiling the kettle, reading a new pattern book, leafing through an old stitchery magazine, admiring someone else's work, swapping recipes, snapping up a bargain or putting the world to rights while testing cake. 
You are welcome to bring anything at all along that you'd like to show off, sell or swap, and to bring something for your lunch. Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment on the blog if you want any more info. 

2015 dates

I have not set any dates for 2015 because I have so few free weekends this year. There may be some pop-up ones at short notice later in the year.