Sunday, March 27

Sunny Sunday

I was halfway through making a path up to Tart HQ.

Just when I needed an excuse for a break my pals turned up and I was forced to stop and make a cuppa and put the world to rights. As they left Hugh arrived home from the off-road trial he'd been running. He brought five drivers with him for tea and blether. Then it was time to feed and walk the dogs and cook our own meal. I sorted some washing and Hugh downloaded images of his day. After that we collected a hen crate, a soup pan and a ladle from the village hall and then delivered a single mattress to our neighbours and shared a couple of stories. By now it was dark.

Oddly enough I never did get back to barrowing stone for the path.

People still sometimes say 'What do you find to do in the country?'

Found this today on Pinterest. I am really enjoying using this simple site as it enables me to find and store so many inspiring images in one place.

The next two collage pics are part of my series of prints.

Monday, March 21

Snap Happy

Heavens, only three days since I last posted...!
Really, I'm back so soon because I grabbed the moment today and took some pics in HQ to update the main Workhouse website.
And I certainly couldn't keep this first one to myself. Look at all these scrumptious buttons!
The next one is entitled 'Still Life with Iron' and after that we have a few shelves of Tart creations. There have been more collage 'pictures' printed too - I'll give you an update at the end of the week.
While I was window dressing inside HQ, Hugh started on the construction of proper safe steps oustide so that you can all visit with a little dignity rather than clambering into the caravan from a rickety wee plastic step thingy.

Friday, March 18

All things bright and shiny...

It's a frosty sunny morning here - boding well for a grand day.
I'm off to Tart HQ shortly to get busy with scissors and glue and little scraps of paper but I bring you happy colourful images first...
Thought that you might like to see my patchwork chair in its new home south of the Border. I think it has met with approval.

And some pretty stuff which I have just packaged up. The ribbons are resting on delicious Indian block printed cotton squares which were a gift from a treasured friend.

Thursday, March 10

Meet George

I said I'd show you what I created from the collaged comics and childhood scraps so here he is.

I rather like George.... I hope you do too. The positioning of the deadly peril scrap was serendipity rather than careful planning but it made me smirk

Wednesday, March 9

Mad March Days

Muddling through March - fingers in too many pies - juggling lots of plates - you get the gist. My little brain is struggling to keep up with the calendar.

Helping on a small scale with costumes for a young people's drama performance
Selling off the contents of the cottage before our new tenant moves in
Painting the last wee space in Tart HQ before using it as a store for bigger stuff like wadding and cardboard and bubblewrap
Making collages for new prints.
Preparing supplies for my next outing which is a demo for a local Embroiderer's Guild branch
Experimenting with Viking style 'brooches' before I run a little workshop at the primary school next week
Participating in a writing course
Doing my bit in advance of the Crossing Border AGM in two weeks' time
And, as a change of pace I like to imagine what I am going to do with my wee school chair here for the Chair Challenge.
I ventured into Oxfam last week and fell instantly for the teapot above. I do not like yellow as a rule but it had to come home with me. As I was giving it a wash it reminded me of my little barrel shaped spice jar - and lo, I realised they were closely related. They have since been united and grace a shelf in HQ.

Friday, March 4

New and interesting ways to spend your time...

I had a lovely busy weekend. Saturday was a Woolfish Woolly Day at St Abbs where my new prints had their first outing and were well received.

this is the starting point for a toy based print - I'll show the finished print when I remember to scan it

It was good to catch up with fellow stall holders as well as talking to textile-inspired visitors. I didn't succumb to the scrumptious looking cakes with my cups of tea but did pass round a giant bag of Malteasers to help keep up the communal strength in the afternoon.

On Sunday we had a Woolgathering in the village hall. Ten of us stitching and knitting away, sharing books and magazines and stories - it's always a good day with these talented folks!

After that I had a slightly manic week but it's Friday evening and peace reigns again.

I've recently discovered Mangle Prints blog. Angela makes lovely lino cuts and uses an old mangle as her press. Her work is very covetable and she helpfully has a Folksy shop... and it's my birthday soon. Hmmmm

I managed to nip into the Textile Towerhouse today in Hawick to see the little artworks that Heriot Watt textile students have for sale. And I learned about the Chair Challenge... I've reserved an old school chair to transform into a piece of textile art - the chairs will all be exhibited at the Towerhouse in a growing display. The first one's already on show so if you fancy participating don't wait too long - ask in the shop. Talking of which, there is some delicious work on sale there - Linda Keith's awesome Eildon Felt pieces and Julia Cunningham's great bags are all well displayed.

Check me out at Pinterest if you are so's where I found this...