Wednesday, April 21

Happiness is...a new bag!

OK then! Not quite in the Hermes/Kelly Bag/latest Gucci thousand pound monstrosity league, but here's the wee bag I made. Just a titch to go over my shoulder and carry the essentials in my life - cash, paper handkerchief and lipsalve! The even titchier bag is for cards - mine and the bank's... The big bag is straight at the bottom, despite appearances to to the contrary, and embellished with red beads from a bracelet and dangly 'brass coins' acquired on Etsy and used in various projects since. Recycled zip and handle from cotton tape which I saved somewhere along the line. But the main attraction is the fabric which I have had stashed away for a couple of years now. Both are from Magie Relph's delectable African Fabric Shop where you fall in love every thirty seconds as you view another range of cloths. The indigo shibori ones above and these happy prints below are a few from my two mini adventure packs

Saturday, April 17


This weekend Hugh is doing an intensive Outdoor First Aid course so that he's equipped for anything that may happen on his Adventure Days and when teaching off-road driving skills. I thought I would achieve a few things in his absence - I didn't really mean to get sidetracked into baking but, alas, I didn't fight the urge very hard at all. So here we have coconut flapjacks looking pretty fine. Annoyingly they were not cooked through despite my adherance to the recipe so they ended up back in the oven upside down and are now nice and crispy, if a little less than pristine.
Various domestic tasks were accomplished, plus packaging up my latest hand spun hanks, then I made myself a little bag as a reward for good housekeeping (well, for any housekeeping, really).
I think we are all enjoying this spell of chilly but bright and sunny weather and spirits are lifting at last. This house is blessed with big windows so when the sun shines the whole place is bathed in light (that includes the dust).
As I am sharing this blog with Ash now, I thought she and Midge had best have a biscuit treat or two too...

Sunday, April 11

All things bright and beautiful

In theory, the garden will be full of warm shades this year, and gloriously perfumed to boot. I've got round to planting seeds and IF ALL GOES WELL, this not-very-upmarket selection will fill my little world with bright blooms and happiness. Just remember the theory bit....

Wednesday, April 7

Just so you know,,,,

The Artful Dodger, the unique and priceless Ash (chocolate labrador with substantial ego), is giving up her own blog after more posts than me, and doing guest appearances here, when and if I let her. Basically there is one computer, one Hugh, one Lindsay and one Ash. And our legs and arms are longer than hers so she gets beaten in the race to the keyboard, or sidetracked by biscuits (hmmm, could be Hugh or me too). Midge (black lab cross) is dyslexic and prefers licking anything within reach (elbows are a favourite) and chewing sticks to anything as boring as writing words.

Sunday, April 4

Tart's Century

I'm not the most frequent of bloggers but today I reach Post No 100.
As I really don't have a huge following I have no plans to do what seems to be de rigeur in blogging circles and have some sort of giveaway and pull a number at random out of all the comments I might receive. Since I probably average about one and half comments per post it would be easier if I just sent y'all a prize for perseverance anyway! It's a celebratory post nonetheless as I have just clocked up another year. I had a very fine birthday featuring handmade goodies as well as those simple pleasures which are coffee, chocolate, books and bubble bath. I hope you can see the amazing black and silver and glittery necklace there which Frances made me - I need an occasion now to put on such finery! And Louise deserves special mention because she spoilt me with a subscription to that magazine which urban dwellers cherish, rural souls snigger at and people like me love the linger over and dissect, devouring every image and advert with equal enthusiasm! The fancy Marmite was from Hugh - I may have hinted about it a few times. As he loathes the stuff I will get every last drop to myself, though he also got me this wee gem which has given me lots of ideas on how to slither the yummy stuff into various dishes. His comments were unrepeatable when I read the suggestion for mashed banana and marmite sandwiches, though, so I'd best play safe.Have you been following Katie's equine creations? Wait till you see what Amanda made for me!My very own Tunnocks Teahorse!