Wednesday, April 21

Happiness is...a new bag!

OK then! Not quite in the Hermes/Kelly Bag/latest Gucci thousand pound monstrosity league, but here's the wee bag I made. Just a titch to go over my shoulder and carry the essentials in my life - cash, paper handkerchief and lipsalve! The even titchier bag is for cards - mine and the bank's... The big bag is straight at the bottom, despite appearances to to the contrary, and embellished with red beads from a bracelet and dangly 'brass coins' acquired on Etsy and used in various projects since. Recycled zip and handle from cotton tape which I saved somewhere along the line. But the main attraction is the fabric which I have had stashed away for a couple of years now. Both are from Magie Relph's delectable African Fabric Shop where you fall in love every thirty seconds as you view another range of cloths. The indigo shibori ones above and these happy prints below are a few from my two mini adventure packs


Anonymous said...

Snap - I've just included a photo on tonight's post of a bag I made some years ago with fabric from Maggie Relph. I met her at a Quilters' Guild Regional Day, when she gave a very interesting talk on African Fabrics

Helen said...

I thought I recognised that fabric :-) I sent my sister in Australia some of their indigo dyed fabric when she was making a quilt for my parents who spent most of their lives in Africa. The bag is gorgeous!