Saturday, December 15

Winter Chills

Hugh and I have both succumbed to colds which is lousy timing with so much to do. At least we should be clear of them by Christmas, though. Lots of work has been going on in the kitchen next door - as in ripping the old one out and fitting a new one - mainly done by Hugh with the aid of the plumber and the electrician (who just happens to have a lovely chocolate lab called Muddy and to have a penchant for Hugh's paintings....say no more). A new kitchen SO POSH, by the way, it has an extra sink for handwashing so we can keep the Environmental Health officer happy and be allowed to sell food we cook in there. My tablet and preserves plus Hugh's bread will become legitimate once the EHO says OK and once we have done our Food Hygiene courses. Flipping bureaucratic nonsense but rules is rules, I guess. Meantime, we need to move next door for good in the coming week so we can spruce this house up for some visitors arriving at the weekend.

Looking forward to a festive rest - after the Christmas Eve carol service at our wee kirk then mince pies and mulled wine at the hall, of course. Well, you would expect nothing less of village life by now!

Other stuff? Well, I braved the frosty garden to take pics of the fancified waistcoat, then decided that the indoor pics were better. Herewith the back and a detail from one of the fronts - the colours in it are truer. And I have been washing and preparing and spinning fleece for a commission which ought to be done by Christmas. One of those jobs that I regretted taking on the minute I'd said it - wet fleece - winter - coughs and sneezes - ho hum, soon be done.

Sunday, December 2

Draughty December

Hmm, all the bits we were going to improve in the cottage this year have not been worked on so at times there's a howling gale blowing under doors and whistling down the chimney. It makes you want to stay about two inches from the stove of an evening rather than working in another (chillier) room. I should have been spending evening times on preparation for a demonstration I am doing on Thursday evening to Berwickshire Arts Society but I allowed myself to be side tracked into 'fancifying' a waistcoat instead.

The garment started out as a labour of love - hand spun and knitted as a marled navy/white sweater for Hugh some years ago. It fell out of favour so I felted it in the washing machine and added it to the stash last year (or maybe the one before that...) Anyway, last week I attacked it with scissors. Off came the arms, off came the neck then the side seams were hacked at too. I blanket stitched all round, restitched the side seams and then set about some fairly wacky chain stitch with scraps of hand spun to create a complete one-off. If I had had the sense to take a pic I would have attached that but I'll add it soon.

Suddenly it's Sunday evening and I had better get busy with fibres and carders in belated preparation for the demo.

Already there has been another event in our busy village hall - two short plays with supper in between last night - and next Saturday we are having a village party. I tell you, life in the country requires stamina!
Since being the lucky recipient of a SOSF package from Sarah, I have been admiring her work. I love her site at Miskellaneous Design and this image in particular - it seems so appropriate with darkness falling in the middle of the afternoon these days. She's got some wonderfully nutty stuff in her shop