Monday, April 6

April Fool

Wow, what weather! Who'd have thunk it. A great way to welcome in the Spring. Heavens, I have even been spinning yellow (probably my second least favourite colour, only beaten by baby pink. No wait, peach is worse. OK, my third least favourite)

I've just prepared four batches of drum carded fibre so that I have several skeins-in-the-making in stock. And as I am selling my indigo-dyed fibres, it's a good idea if I spin up a skein so that people can see how it looks (thanks Fiona, sensible plan...) 
This lovely cactus came my way and I have blended wool and silk fibres inspired by the striking colour combination. I'll show you the finished yarn in due course.

There has been much dyeing going on but my little Etsy shop is earning its keep. Yarn sales keep magically happening so the process of building up stock is quite slow. 
And there'll be a hiatus as I disappear north for a wedding then south-west to run a bookshop

Normal dyeing service will be resumed in May, but only after the excellent Art@Ancrum  over the early May Bank holiday. Fitting in preparations for that event is quite an art in itself.
Busy? You bet
Happy? Oh yes!
Making a living in the country is hardly ever simple. It may look restful as you pass through but stop a while and you'll find we are all pretty busy people. We appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and our good fortune in living closer to the natural world. We are more than happy to share it with those of you who venture here but don't be seduced into thinking it's a worry-free, care-free life we are living.

On that note I must go and pack a frock (ok, my one frock) for the impending nuptials. Oh heck, and shoes with heels....