Sunday, January 27


So today it's windy and rainy; the snow has transformed into melt water. In a room with a log burner is the best place to be, though I do have to fight two canines to find some heat. 
I am packaging up new stock before carding fibre ready for spinning tomorrow, all in preparation for 16th March. I will have a stall at the first ever Edinburgh Yarn Festival  and I think it's going to be wonderful! There's a great range of dyers, spinners and makers taking part, plus an onsite cafe for sustenance.

Thursday evening was spent at Borders Textile Towerhouse as we gathered to stitch more Indian inspired squares. I demonstrated how to attach shisha mirrors but it's fair to say that neither I nor my willing group are naturals at this...there was much quiet cursing as mirrors slipped from under the holding stitches. Nonetheless they have already produced some lovely happy work.
From the top - Kirsty, Pat, Louisa , Zilla

Sunday, January 20

Sunday spinning (and baking)

Snowy and chilly outside but warm as toast in the kitchen today. Spinning wheel and cotton at one side, and a mad baking session in progress at the other! A couple of loaves of bread, two tea loaves, a batch of biscuits and one of muffins. The muffins don't look too impressive here but they taste pretty fine - vanilla extract, dried cranberries and cocoa nibs with chilli all added to the mix. The exotic little cocoa nibs were a Christmas present and have only survived this long because I hid them from myself in the kitchen cupboard.

And the spinning? I am busily working on a cotton/merino blend to take to India with me in a fortnight, where I hope to dye it with indigo. This is the first skein.
I'm aiming to update my travel blog as often as I can but it will be dependent on getting internet access.