Sunday, January 20

Sunday spinning (and baking)

Snowy and chilly outside but warm as toast in the kitchen today. Spinning wheel and cotton at one side, and a mad baking session in progress at the other! A couple of loaves of bread, two tea loaves, a batch of biscuits and one of muffins. The muffins don't look too impressive here but they taste pretty fine - vanilla extract, dried cranberries and cocoa nibs with chilli all added to the mix. The exotic little cocoa nibs were a Christmas present and have only survived this long because I hid them from myself in the kitchen cupboard.

And the spinning? I am busily working on a cotton/merino blend to take to India with me in a fortnight, where I hope to dye it with indigo. This is the first skein.
I'm aiming to update my travel blog as often as I can but it will be dependent on getting internet access. 


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Lizzi said...

I can't believe it's just a fortnight away. Time flies when you are getting old. I thought your yarn looked like a meringue. I think it was autosuggestion with all the goodies you were baking. I hope to see you before you go.