Sunday, January 26

Fair fa yer honest sonsie face...

Ours was a Macsweens' veggie haggis, cooked on Friday evening to celebrate the bard's birthday a day early. We enjoyed a fine meal and great company last night too, at a neighbour's birthday bash. Back to reality today, though, and out with needle and thread. Dallied briefly with acrylics and a block I made to mimic running stitch. I feel like I am making progress now with the work I want to have ready for April. Just as well, really, as I must start spinning in February to build up stocks again.

I've been making copious plans too, about everything from how to display yarns better to new labelling, a Tart banner (ideally handstitched but in reality probably printed), re-opening an online shop, dyeing more yarn without turning the house blue.

My bedtimes are getting later and later and the 'shine' element of 'rise and shine' is a bit lacklustre. But it's January for goodness' sake - come the lighter mornings things will be better. Won't they?

Friday, January 17

Working away quietly..

I am still here, keeping a low profile and happily immersed in creativity and experimentation. I am working towards an exhibition at the Borders Textile Towerhouse in April and have set myself all sorts of challenges along the way. They may not be visible to the innocent viewer in the final display but I will know what's gone on to reach that point!
a little indigo and stitch book nearly finished
 Over Christmas I did finally finish a pair of socks started rather earlier in the year - oddly they are stripey and predominantly blue... 
And started a sweater which might be finished this winter - red and blue stripes (!)

stylish socks, finished at last
The first WARPED event of the year was a lovely workshop day that Ali, Janet and I ran at Foulden for the Borders Textile Group. Mine was considered the messy table: I encouraged lots of experimentation with paint and blocks and wax as participants created surface decoration on recycled papers. 
We plan to have this Spring's workshops listed on the website very soon.

happy makers at Foulden