Sunday, January 26

Fair fa yer honest sonsie face...

Ours was a Macsweens' veggie haggis, cooked on Friday evening to celebrate the bard's birthday a day early. We enjoyed a fine meal and great company last night too, at a neighbour's birthday bash. Back to reality today, though, and out with needle and thread. Dallied briefly with acrylics and a block I made to mimic running stitch. I feel like I am making progress now with the work I want to have ready for April. Just as well, really, as I must start spinning in February to build up stocks again.

I've been making copious plans too, about everything from how to display yarns better to new labelling, a Tart banner (ideally handstitched but in reality probably printed), re-opening an online shop, dyeing more yarn without turning the house blue.

My bedtimes are getting later and later and the 'shine' element of 'rise and shine' is a bit lacklustre. But it's January for goodness' sake - come the lighter mornings things will be better. Won't they?

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Lizzi said...

I love the middle picture.