Sunday, July 27


..brought about by deathly slow broadband in Chesters. We are struggling with download speeds of about 1MB and uploads generously displaying as 0MB which is deeply frustrating. Complaints lodged with BT. Answers awaited. Sigh. 

Meanwhile, in other news, it was a gloriously sunny couple of days at the Border Union Show where the Tart was happily ensconced in the Wool & Water Tent with great textiley friends. The crowds were sometimes a little less than impressed at the humidity levels in said tent but Saturday was more comfortable than Friday for us and wool-related sales did still happen.
And my workspace is filling up. Here (with gracious broadband acquiesance) are some highly selective arty shots while it still looks half empty and tidy.

Friday, July 18

Good intentions

Ooops, where's this month disappearing to?
I nearly have an operational new workspace. This will be really exciting and uplifting and generally A GOOD THING. At the moment, though, there are too many tasks preventing me getting in there and enjoying it.
Posh Dublin breakfast

For example - housing everything. The simple fact is that I have too much stuff. I am trying to be realistic but sentiment gets in the way of quick decisions, and good intentions slow things further (I could use all that salvaged junk to make a really cool something or other, couldn't I?)
However, the recyling wheelie bin is full to bursting and Selkirk's Scrap Store will become a major beneficiary next week. 

So, when it all looks lovely and before I start to make a creative mess in it, I will post some images up here. Meanwhile, here are some images from Ireland!

And do come and visit at the end of August during the Art Trail, and see for yourself
Perfect welcome for visiting tarts

Stephen Pearce, potter to the stars - his empire is rather larger than the shopfront suggests

Ballymaloe Cookery School's garden

Breakwater beach art


Tuesday, July 1


Just back from an all-too-brief trip across the Irish Sea. 
Blessed with pretty fine weather, we drove from Belfast right down to Co Cork and stayed a few days in a perfect little converted barn. These images are just a taster of the many I snapped as we walked and drove around.
nearest neighbours

can you smell them?

no wonder we were loathe to leave

waiting at Ballymaloe Gardens

Kilkenny Castle, where we stopped en route north

Ballycotton Bay

There's so much to see even in the one county that we will definitely be going back for major explorations.