Thursday, April 18


At the weekend, Ali and I led Warped classes in Indian Stitchery (hand stitching with bright colours, beads and more) and in stitching curves (very impressive stuff with sewing machines). It was a lovely day of gentle work and good company and much was accomplished.

Meanwhile I have been continuing work on my indigo block print fabrics. Below is a typical Ajrakh block print design from Gujarat, with a resist applied, and several further blocks and dye processes. The fabric is a fine cotton.

I had a similar Ajrakh block printed onto a coarser weave of organic handwoven cotton - so only resist + one block, then dyed indigo -  and I have highlighted sections of the pattern in a fine cotton perle thread.

Ruth Clifford gives a detailed description of the true Ajrakh process here

Sunday, April 14

Another variety packed week..

...which has seen me travel from here to Rutland, to Reeth and over the snowy hills and dales home again, half a day to catch up with some stitching and then hold a Warped workshop in Jedburgh yesterday.

Tried to be all domesticated briefly this morning but my washing blew off the line and the vacuum cleaner had a hissy fit when faced with a little dog hair.
Well, maybe a lot.
View from The Bridge Inn
Hugh and I were down in Rutland to attend a BORDA meeting which was very worthwhile. Met some great people who are already providing valuable help to him. We broke the northbound journey with a night in a pub in Grinton near Reeth in Swaledale. Fantastic bar food and most extrovert barman made for an entertaining night.

 The next day's drive brought it home to us how much snow still lingers on higher ground.

Creative types at work
Yesterday's workshop was good fun and everyone produced such interesting work. I really enjoyed myself.

Today I have been adding handstitching with my dyed threads to one of the block print pieces I brought back from Kutch.