Wednesday, February 11

Spin Span Spun

I've been busy dyeing and reskeining fingering yarns in wool/nylon and wool/bamboo and also washing my latest handspun yarns, all ready for the Woolfish Festival in early March. And I've had a lovely time making up sampler packs of delicious hand dyed fibres for spinners and felters. I'm hoping it'll feel like you've been let loose in a sweetie shop - lots of little bags to add to your fibre stash, ready to inspire your next projects. I've dyed angora fibres in brilliant magenta and a rich purple, there's tussah silk space dyed in golds and pinks, Lincoln lambswool locks in rainbow shades and more, LOTS more! Brooches from old textiles, embellished with beads and other treasures, badges, cards with vintage knitting images, bags purses....
And, Tara, I've made a stack more fabric and paper collage cards too - I'll be taking them for my stall but I'll send you pics first so you can stake your claim!