Sunday, June 24


.... was a grand day out. Thanks to Ali who drove us across country, we arrived in between showers and were soon amongst the whole fleecy felty yarny bazaar that is Woolfest. Bigger again this year, with more stalls to pore over, it has a very happy atmosphere. Well, it's obvious really - offer a mass of textile-obsessed folk an opportunity to see and feel and buy everything they love and there are bound to be good vibes flying about!

 I was pretty sensible; bought some fibre to spin (surprise) and some bamboo d p needles and a skein of hand dyed sock yarn. Caught up with several old faces in the crowd as well as Helen and Lizzi at Helen's gloriously rich and colourful Ripples stand. 

As ever there was more to see that I first thought, and I missed a few favourites while spotting new suppliers. 

Namolio is the trading name of the stand pictured above which I thought one of the most restrained and elegant on the day. As well as selling covetable linen yarns, the stall holder had beautifully made items from lavender bags to needle holders in her trademark grey linen with coloured crochet embellishment.

Saturday, June 16

Inspired by India? Not deliberately, but I do really like this skein that I spun last week and is now washed and dried, weighed, measured, labelled and in the basket! It has friends, of course, as I've been spinning to the beat of falling June rain outside the caravan windows this week. 

It's fitting that the Tart should have an old-fashioned sweet trolley, I think, full of temptations. So here we have the first two in a new range of pure merino tops, blended to my specifications. For sale in 100gm balls of fibre for you to spin or felt with, and complete with recipes for the real thing!
Key Lime Pie
 Black Forest Gateau
And just to prove I finished them, the socks. Despite the red toe on one, they are the same size, honest!
Now I wouldn't say I am hooked yet, on the sock thing, but I will be searching out a ball or two of interesting sock yarn next Saturday at Woolfest, for my next ones.
And after all things woolly, a little reminder that there are still a couple of spaces left on my PAPER EXTRAVAGANZA on 30th June at Roberton. Do come along and join in the fun if you can.

Saturday 30th June at The Forman Hall, Roberton - (e-mail
Explore the use and re-use of all sorts of paper. Themed decorations, gift boxes and envelopes and other packaging, notebooks and albums using simple binding techniques.

Saturday, June 2

India Calling

As my nearest and dearest has already posted about this, maybe I'd better too! I have been besotted by the colours and patterns of India for ever and a day and hoped I'd find my way there eventually. Years pass, though, and dreams don't come true all that often.
And then...
An opportunity came up to apply for the most amazing residency/exchange. Two Scottish textile designer makers to travel to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, NW India, and two from Gujarat to Heriot-Watt University textile faculty in Galashiels.
I spent a very, very long time researching lots of fascinating stuff that's going on over there. I sought some expert help (thankfully) and submitted my application.
I was shortlisted (eek!)
I spent more hours fretting over my forthcoming meeting with the panel.
I turned up, nervously, and all my well-honed and pithy prose evaporated on the spot.
I waffled. I suspect my enthusiasm was fairly obvious, though, and enough of my thoughts and ideas must have made it to the surface, because I have made it. I'll be on my way to India in late September!
I'll be talking of nothing else now for the next year. You have been warned.......