Sunday, July 27


..brought about by deathly slow broadband in Chesters. We are struggling with download speeds of about 1MB and uploads generously displaying as 0MB which is deeply frustrating. Complaints lodged with BT. Answers awaited. Sigh. 

Meanwhile, in other news, it was a gloriously sunny couple of days at the Border Union Show where the Tart was happily ensconced in the Wool & Water Tent with great textiley friends. The crowds were sometimes a little less than impressed at the humidity levels in said tent but Saturday was more comfortable than Friday for us and wool-related sales did still happen.
And my workspace is filling up. Here (with gracious broadband acquiesance) are some highly selective arty shots while it still looks half empty and tidy.


Caroline said...

Excellent. But how to run a modern business without decent broadband?

Sheena said...

Your stall looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I am spying quite a bit of washi tape in one picture. Are you addicted? Fx

Ann said...

I love to see the use of French map sheets behind your display cabinet!
So nice to see stuff used up.