Sunday, February 9

Sunshine on a Sunday

= an opportunity to photograph fibre and yarn!

I love using my Classic Carder to produce batts of blended fibres ready for spinning. Yesterday afternoon was fibre prep time. These giant rolags will be spun up tonight, and I blended several other shades for working on the rest of the week.

I restrained myself on Friday morning. Only skeins of yarn went in the dye pot. No extraneous lengths of fabric, scraps of unidentified fibre or experimental bits got dropped in. I even timed the whole process. Dyeing is fun. Rinsing and clearing up is not and takes forever. 

Sunday afternoon and the yarn is now dried, tidied up, twisted into neat skeins and labelled.

I've added new yarn bases to my small but select range. Blue Faced Leicester in dk and a lovely laceweight - images above and below - (at a generous 800m per 100gm, this is not for the fainthearted knitter!). 


Anonymous said...

Your dead right 800m of lace wight yarn is certainly not for the faint hearted, says she who is knitting tiny baby socks at the moment!!Fx

Lizzi said...

Colours are fab.u.lous.

Anonymous said...

I'm catching with everyone now I'm on faster broadband, and I just have to say how delicious your batts are (there's a statement that's open to misinterpretation). Treated myself to a classic carder - must , must, must do some blending on it!