Monday, December 31


The year is almost over.
I've been reflecting on the ups and down of the last twelve months. 
I'll spare you my thoughts, though.
Instead this is what Christmas Day entailed for dogs in the Roberts household. 

Firstly a wet walk in Kielder Forest  - nearly four miles of empty forest road to career along and ample puddles to splash through. 
A couple of brief stops - at the observatory and at the Skyspace installation. As you can see the only one enthusiastic about posing for the picture in there was Midge - check those ears!

 The return home was followed by a snooze in front of the stove before they both provided essential assistance with unwrapping presents.
Tonight we just have to cross the road to the village hall for what promises to be a very sociable night
Whatever you are doing to see in 2013, I hope you enjoy it too!


Lizzi said...

How did you manage to get the dogs to pose on that sleeper? They just love the camera. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Tart said...

And a very jolly Day to you tomorrow! We'll celebrate with Midge as she'll be five years old.......