Saturday, April 17


This weekend Hugh is doing an intensive Outdoor First Aid course so that he's equipped for anything that may happen on his Adventure Days and when teaching off-road driving skills. I thought I would achieve a few things in his absence - I didn't really mean to get sidetracked into baking but, alas, I didn't fight the urge very hard at all. So here we have coconut flapjacks looking pretty fine. Annoyingly they were not cooked through despite my adherance to the recipe so they ended up back in the oven upside down and are now nice and crispy, if a little less than pristine.
Various domestic tasks were accomplished, plus packaging up my latest hand spun hanks, then I made myself a little bag as a reward for good housekeeping (well, for any housekeeping, really).
I think we are all enjoying this spell of chilly but bright and sunny weather and spirits are lifting at last. This house is blessed with big windows so when the sun shines the whole place is bathed in light (that includes the dust).
As I am sharing this blog with Ash now, I thought she and Midge had best have a biscuit treat or two too...


Karen said...

Those flapjacks look mighty good! Cheery flowers, too!

Helen said...

Where's the bag!!!? Lets see? Is that one of those lovely porclain sheep from that company in Cumbria?

katie said...

woof woof grr - says Poppy - she doesn't get THAT many biscuits!
flapjacks looking good!
and finally - weather we can enjoy!
see you soon!
opening planned for last weekend in May now - this gives me time to panic quite a lot beforehand