Sunday, March 27

Sunny Sunday

I was halfway through making a path up to Tart HQ.

Just when I needed an excuse for a break my pals turned up and I was forced to stop and make a cuppa and put the world to rights. As they left Hugh arrived home from the off-road trial he'd been running. He brought five drivers with him for tea and blether. Then it was time to feed and walk the dogs and cook our own meal. I sorted some washing and Hugh downloaded images of his day. After that we collected a hen crate, a soup pan and a ladle from the village hall and then delivered a single mattress to our neighbours and shared a couple of stories. By now it was dark.

Oddly enough I never did get back to barrowing stone for the path.

People still sometimes say 'What do you find to do in the country?'

Found this today on Pinterest. I am really enjoying using this simple site as it enables me to find and store so many inspiring images in one place.

The next two collage pics are part of my series of prints.

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