Wednesday, March 9

Mad March Days

Muddling through March - fingers in too many pies - juggling lots of plates - you get the gist. My little brain is struggling to keep up with the calendar.

Helping on a small scale with costumes for a young people's drama performance
Selling off the contents of the cottage before our new tenant moves in
Painting the last wee space in Tart HQ before using it as a store for bigger stuff like wadding and cardboard and bubblewrap
Making collages for new prints.
Preparing supplies for my next outing which is a demo for a local Embroiderer's Guild branch
Experimenting with Viking style 'brooches' before I run a little workshop at the primary school next week
Participating in a writing course
Doing my bit in advance of the Crossing Border AGM in two weeks' time
And, as a change of pace I like to imagine what I am going to do with my wee school chair here for the Chair Challenge.
I ventured into Oxfam last week and fell instantly for the teapot above. I do not like yellow as a rule but it had to come home with me. As I was giving it a wash it reminded me of my little barrel shaped spice jar - and lo, I realised they were closely related. They have since been united and grace a shelf in HQ.

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