Monday, March 21

Snap Happy

Heavens, only three days since I last posted...!
Really, I'm back so soon because I grabbed the moment today and took some pics in HQ to update the main Workhouse website.
And I certainly couldn't keep this first one to myself. Look at all these scrumptious buttons!
The next one is entitled 'Still Life with Iron' and after that we have a few shelves of Tart creations. There have been more collage 'pictures' printed too - I'll give you an update at the end of the week.
While I was window dressing inside HQ, Hugh started on the construction of proper safe steps oustide so that you can all visit with a little dignity rather than clambering into the caravan from a rickety wee plastic step thingy.

1 comment:

Lizzi said...

Looking good, Lindsay. I love the button picture but the iron might have the edge.........:-)