Wednesday, August 18

Just checking in...

A bit of a run on duties for the next week or two.
Scrub the cottage ready for visitors, bake bread for them, bake for the impending Southdean Show, feel guilty about not putting in enough entries for the Industrial Section in said Show so scrabble around for more jars of marmalade and chutney, handknits and other crafty bits, assemble all the stuff I need for my stall at Smailholm Show the following day, cram in some spinning and stitching and get the washing out while the sun's shining. Southdean Show - 2pm on Saturday - all the usual tents and entertainments plus stock judging, BBQ with real quality burgers, tea tent with yours truly assisting, great bookstall by Latimer Books of Kelso, model railway etc etc.

Smailholm Fete from 11 am on Sunday - the same but different!

Next week there's another changeover in the cottage, and some admin work every morning in Jedburgh. In between times I am making some groovy collages and texture and pattern studies to display at the Crossing Borders Art Trail on 3rd 4th and 5th September. Lots more to waffle on about that in the next post....Tra la la la... time for a cuppa or maybe a little lie down!

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