Wednesday, June 30

Technicolour Heaven

Just a quick post as I am rushing about tonight...
Was at Woolfest last Friday and what a great day we had! The weather was lovely, the drive over was enjoyable (thank you, kind chauffeuse!), the company excellent fun and the fibrefest itself was a treat for all the senses. The smell of the animals as you walk in, the sound of happy happy people exclaiming over new finds, the feel of angora, cashmere, silk and soft wools, and the sight of all those glorious shades and blends and dyed wonders! Ach it was just a delight from start to finish.

Taste? I had a pretty fine ewes' milk ice cream -- even if Katie and Annie had snaffled the last chocolate flake!

Now I must go photograph some of my many purchases...and I'll leave you to ponder p/hopping if it's new to you!

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katie said...

we shared it so - technically - it was only half a snaffle... still fondling my wool - secreted in little bags around the place so it doesn't look like too much.... sad