Saturday, July 3

Happy Snaps

Ok, let's have a bit of eye candy!

Here we see my first and last purchases of the day at Woolfest. I have my lime green Herdy mug from two years ago, my natural undyed Herdy sheep money bank from last year and those clever Herdy folk have guaranteed my continuing support by bringing out stylish teatowels. They are FAR too good to submit to dish drying and will probably be refashioned into cushion covers or bags and why not?
The fibre? Glorious stormy grey and rich bordeaux dyed Shetland by Wheeldale - I bought some last year and was very pleased to find them there again. Also below is one of those irresistable blends of merino and silk from Wingham Wheeldale also had bags of Teeswater locks which shouted BUY ME - what could I do? And the buttons, well I was overwhelmed at the choice from McAnaraks but finally settled on these ones, for projects as yet unidentified...And p/hopping? A whizz of an idea - generous knitwear designers give their patterns for free to Medecins Sans Frontieres - you choose your patterns, make a donation and get busy with the needles!There were lots to choose from at Woolfest where they raised over £1000, egged on by Clare's enthusiasm and ably assisted by Natalie at the YarnYard next door. Find p/hop right here and get busy! You know you want to...

p/hop = pennies per hours of pleasure


Helen said...

Looks like you did well! Fran at McAnaraks can be found at :-)

Ash said...

Thanks Helen - don't know why I couldn's find such a simple www but I've sorted it now!

Rainy day here today and I don't mind a bit!

McAnaraks said...

heya helen and ash,
thanks for the mention, my website is on the header card of the buttons, but perhaps it needs to be bigger!