Wednesday, July 14


As hens age they often lay bigger eggs, but some are more aesthetically pleasing than others.....don't know which one was responsible for this effort today but I suspect she'd probably like a little rest now.

Lots of things to attend to:
Cottage visitors this weekend - note to self: clean windows loathsome task, check over kitchen, bake bread, check for speedy spiders already making new webs, lay out towels, pick a few flowers - hopefully I can rustle up something not too greenfly-ridden.Woolgathering on Sunday 25th - all welcome, of course - I've done a page that you'll see over at the top right to tell you what we do. Always lovely to catch up and see who's working on what. These are new yarns I have just washed, some of them spun with fibre from my Woolfest haul.Border Union Show at Kelso on 30th and 31st July - we'll be there with a stand to promote Hugh's off-road business FarxFour, with fresh coffee and home bakes for all so come and find us at the far side of the West Ring.The first blackcurrants need picked. Strawbs nearly finished; the resident frog in the bed has done a grand job of keeping the bugs and slugs away but there's a wee moosie been tucking into a few prize specimens. Plans for boozy treats with some of these fruits....Various tasks in readiness for Southdean Show on August 21st, and I'm on duty in the tea tent again this year and I get to make up the jar for Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar - two great jobs for me!


Helen said...

Re the egg ..... OUCH!

Re Woolgathering .... sorry to miss it!

Re Kelso Show .... oh how I'd love to be there!! Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeee that eggs is not normal!
Love the yarns
Looking forward to Wool Gathering. Will bake a cake, have new summer cake recipe delicous!!
Sadly won't make Kelso Show.