Saturday, July 24

to Jupiter and back in a day

We had an awayday this week, to Jupiter Artland which is a lovely place to explore.
It is a contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington House, outside Edinburgh. Works by many leading artists have been commissioned and then constructed in situ, with the relationship of each artwork to its topographical location being a crucial feature.

So there!
It's open four days a week and we were lucky to have a clear, dry and at times very sunny day to enjoy there.
Above is a view of Life Mounds by Charles Jencks, and below is Over Here by Shane Waltener. It's knitted on circular needles with four different coloured fishing lines in a design inspired by Shetland lace.
And here we see Mr Roberts enjoying a latte puchased from the groovy caravan cafe. The wellies were advisable as some of the paths through the woods were squelchy.
As Bonnington House is a private residence there are some nice domestic elements visible too, like this dinky hen house
As the route we took did not return us to the entrance and shop, I can't give a good account of its contents though I am sure they'd have been tempting. One fun thing I did take in, though, was that they had Rob Ryan's deliciously designed parcel tapes for sale. He's a very talented man who does papercuts on a big, and sometimes giant, scale.

Tomorrow's a lovely summer Woolgathering, with knitting and stitching, cakes and coffee, and a great catch-up with my friends...come along if you can!

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