Wednesday, June 23

Still Smiling!

any excuse...

Unbelievably the sun is still shining, though it's a bit misty and breezy today. I celebrated with two big fat homegrown strawberries with my breakfast but was far too busy munching to consider capturing them on camera for your delight at that hour of the morning.

On Sunday Hugh and I had a quick jaunt to Elsdon to meet Carolle and Sarah Morpeth and to be totally inspired by their workplace and their talents - there's still time to visit as 26/27 June is the last weekend of the Art Tour there. If you can't get there then do have a look at their lovely websites.
I've been doing a fibre stocktake in readiness for purchasing more glorious colourful fibre at the great annual celebration of all things woolly which is Woolfest this Friday and Saturday. It's a treat for all the senses and an opportunity to see much missed faces like Helen of Ripples Crafts

Not Helen's dyeing, just an arty arrangement of various handspun, dyed or Noro yarns


Helen said...

Yayyy!! You'll be at Woolfest :-) See you soon then.

TaraLarsenChang said...

That's exactly how many strawberries I've been able to pick thus far this season. As well as a couple of handfuls of raspberries. It's been way cool for way long!

Glad to see that things look well on your end of the world. Hugs and belly rubs to the canines.

bizzilizzi said...

You reminded me to check my strawbs - 3 big, fat ripe ones ready and now eaten!! First of the season - you can't beat it can you?