Monday, May 14

Carding, Collaging, Cnitting?

The peaceful early morning scene at Elsecar where we stayed for our wee Textile Tour

HQ has been full of fibre lately as I've been using the lovely drum carder to make more blended batts for spinners and felters and other creative types. It's fun making rainbows. 

Tidied all the fibre accoutrements away and got out the ever-increasing heaps of essential bits of paper to start work on some collages.
Back in front of the PC I'm working on the Spring newsletter which I may just have finished before this weekend's Woolgathering (you're all welcome)
I think there will be plenty to talk about what with edited highlights of the Textile Tour, the inspirational Artists Book Fair some of us went to a few weeks ago and, last but not least, my progress with sock knitting.
That's if there is any.
I'm off to Jakki's tomorrow evening to give it my best shot or at least produce something for my talented friends to laugh at!

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