Sunday, May 27

Sunday Sunny Sunday

Been busy spinning and stitching in HQ this weekend, though it got a bit too hot in the afternoons, and eventually I just had to take to the shade with a book - sad, eh? 
New hand spun in the sun
I am re-reading The Lothian Run by Mollie Hunter, for age 10+. I loved the good Scots adventure story of Smugglers v Customs when I was a wean and it's still fine 40 years on. I picked up a copy at the wee Spring Fair at Southdean for 50p.
Sock Number One was duly finished. Sock Number Two has been started. I will probably feel the need to post another pic of the (hopefully) matching pair but then I promise  - no more for a while.
One large step for Tartkind

Thanks, Jakki, for getting me this far - without a wee push from you it would probably never have happened!


Lizzi said...

How often have you said 'I can't knit socks' and now you can!! Well done to you and Jakki for giving you the push you needed. Can I borrow that book when you have finished?

Tart said...

Yup, finished it (book) last night.