Tuesday, May 8

Textile Tour

Open Studio in Saltaire
Just had a fantastic weekend with a great mix of friends on our textile tour. We've been in Durham to see Stitchbusiness, and Wingham Wool in Wentworth for a major fibre overload. We've travelled to Salt's Mill at Saltaire and Farfield Mill in Sedbergh. Everywhere we've  met friendly, enthusiastic staff and owners, had good food and drinks, seen impressive textile work and lots more besides. 

Top floor in Farfield Mill - looms to try!
Books and fibre have been acquired, a couple of hand spindles, lots of cards and a little fabric. Even the weather was pretty kind, allowing passengers to appreciate glorious countryside as we drove around. No wonder we want to do it all again!
Just a sample of Wingham's stock
Meanwhile Jakki at Ecozee has told me about her new sock knitting classes starting next Tues 15th May for 3 Tuesdays 7 - 9.30 in Earlston.  It's £40 including sock wool, needles and pattern book/instructions and a great teacher. I am seriously considering it  - want to keep me company? I think there are two spaces left at the moment.
She's running several other lovely evenings too  (I think they all include tea and cake - wise girl) I'll list them all in my forthcoming newsletter but meanwhile you can nip over here to read more


lizzi said...

..and it was fab!

jakki said...

life is one big yarn fest and thanks for the plug sock girl.

Kate said...

Just catching up and now you're making me want to run away from work and go on a mini textile tour of my own...

(Probably just as well I can't, because I've still got a basketful of unspun Wingham loveliness from a sale day they had at a nearby Guild, let's see.. two years ago. Ahem...)