Thursday, May 30


I snapped up a sunny Sunday, had soaked yarns in readiness, dug out an extension lead for the electric ring and a decrepit garden table and had myself a dyeing day in the garden. 
The dyeing itself was fun - the delicious anticipation as you lift the yarn from the pot, the magical shading of green to deepening blue, the anxiety as you worry whether resist bindings and knots are tight enough, or then again maybe too tight. More experiments, more luscious shades, more discoveries.
And then the endless rinsing, the cleaning up, the drying - will the rain stay off? do I rush to rescue the skeins dripping on the line? do I keep calm and let nature take its course? 
Finally it's all safely indoors and nearly dry, airing for twenty four hours. 
bamboo dk
Inevitably some skeins are tangled and need to be rewound.
wool/nylon sock yarns
Labels are printed and punched and attached. 
sock yarn lying on merino dk
New stock. 
Wish I could keep it all......
little helper - note blur of wagging tail

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Lizzi said...

A good job well done - and 'taking the air' to boot!

It all looks good to me and very wantable.

Lucky you had the dog to help.......