Sunday, June 9


  .... is a sunny day and the freedom to roam in the garden. That probably goes for all of us but none more so than Henry and his girls. He struts about, announcing his presence loud and clear, while they quarter the ground in search of tasty morsels then recline in the recesses of the unpruned blackcurrant bushes. 

Our garden is sorely neglected in comparison with my mother's days but there's an appeal to the ever multiplying poppies and lady's mantle. Just a shame that the march of bishop weed and creeping buttercup et al is quite so quick.  

Work is continuing in indigo and other shades, is preparation for my exhibition with Hugh at Paxton House in July. But June is packed with events too - there the Artist's Book Fair in Gateshead on Friday, World Textile Day on 21st, Woolfest the following weekend...can I justify going to them all?


1 comment:

Lizzi said...

Who do you need to justify your actions to? The event police?

Never found them yet......:-)