Monday, May 20

Stitchery Saturday

Saturday was foggy and wet. Not great for Jedburgh Sevens admittedly, but a fine day to spend stitching Indian-inspired textiles. This was my last workshop in the spring series of Warped Weekends, and my happy participants were all seduced by the Kutchi pieces I showed them. 

Whether it was the bright and cheerful toran covered in elephants they studied or just the universal appeal of these lovely animals I am not sure, by everyone felt a need for one in their work!

I had my dyepot out last week too - indigo bubbled away as I dipped and dyed cotton scrim, linen, raw cotton, wool yarns and handmade paper. I was really pleased with the results and think there will be more of this going on through the next few months...

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I always like to see an elephant myself.
Lovely, lovely blues.
Indigo is just so very pleasing.