Friday, April 27

Teddies for Tragedies

There's a link on The Border Tart to a very simple and sensible comfort source called Teddies for Tragedies. I've just had an e-mail from Tricia there - there's been a huge demand for these simple knitted or crocheted teddies from several different charities including Cambodia's Dump Children and Mercy Ships.
She is going to need 700 teddies by the end of June. Can you help? Do you know anyone who would make some simple teddies as described on the TfT site? Or even make bags for the Teddies?
Please spread the word.


CJ said...

What a worthy cause...I'm off to have a look! But first, some praise! I love what you are doing. I must confess I've been a bit of a lurker but I have gained a lot of input (and encouragement) from you and you website. We are trying something a bit similar and I lurked 'cause if I had 2 beans to rub together I'd be one of your best customers! All the best

Ash said...

Thank you CJ - it's lovely to find out that there are others out there. I'm off to admire Henry on your blog!