Thursday, May 10

Too much stuff...

Too much stuff to do - need to paint, need to sew, need to market self better, need to keep on top of the garden, need to find space to store work, need to stop gathering 'junk' of one sort or another to restore/remake/renovate/re-invent, need to stop baking as a way of avoiding addressing any or all of the above....

Uncovered photograph albums in the attic last week - could not resist this lovely pic of my Dad and my big brother taken nearly half a century ago - how handsome my pa looked! (and how mortified my brother will be when I run this off for a card for his forthcoming major birthday...)
Spent two days on a great course at the end of April, learning Indian embroidery techniques. Theoretically I now know how to sew on shisha mirrors and I have definitely mastered my version of kantha work - I'll photograph the WIP to post here soon.


tlc illustration said...

What a terrific photo!

I actually got to spend a few minutes outside in my garden today,which is so overgrown with deadline-neglect that I'm a bit overwhelmed so had to come back in and return to the studio (next deadline looms). However I did notice many baby Sweet Cicely, and arugula and the like and wondered if you had had any luck with the 'imported' seeds I sent your way?

You etsy shop looks nice - I wish had time to make use of those luscious hanks of wool... And I must say that the tiny fabric embellished card you sent at Christmas is still one of my favorites (it is posted on my studio wall). Would you consider doing sets of those?

Jack says hello to Ash. He's bored silly and would appreciate her company... :-)


Ash said...

Welcome home! Thanks for checking out the tiddly stuff on Etsy too. You'll need to remind me what the Christmas card looks like - do take a pic and let me see! I'm sure I'll do sets of any fun-to-make stuff. Pics of herbs and other garden stuff soon though some things are not too keen to stick their heads above ground level yet