Sunday, April 1

We have lift off!

The Border Tart launches into orbit today!

Please join the all day teaparty to celebrate with me that the website works and that some lovely people have already bought stuff!

Thank you to the kind folks who have given me feedback and welcome to everyone new too!

We're having little cucumber sandwiches (no crusts), smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini bagels, Earl Grey tea in the finest porcelain cups, lashings of ginger beer, treacle scones, fruit cake, profiteroles with coffee icing, a great big carrot cake and the essential Border Tart


Willington Weaver said...

Mm, thanks for inviting me to your tea party. I loved the sandwiches, bagels and the carrot cake and border tart, the ginger beer, profiteroles, well, everything really!

Congratulations on the new website, it's really great.

Alison (Pure Tinctoria)

Simmy said...

Yes, congratulations on your new website too. I was very impressed with the fact that you raised £400 - amazing.

Randi said...

Oh lovely! What a wonderful feast! Profiteroles with coffee icing...can't wait to try those! Congrats on the new site and I'll be back often!

p.s. I added your name to the drawing!! Thanks for visiting!

muddy red shoes said...

hey, I am late but I am sure you can rustle up something...This is great, thank you for my easter hen, arrived today, happy easter to you all and woof to Ash from Coco, I blogged you today. :-)