Wednesday, April 18

Eternal Sunshine ...

Boosted by the weather, I have been busy in the garden, planting veg plants and tidying up the latest shed acquisition. And I have been here and there in the Borders and beyond. Helped Hugh setting up pictures at a new local gallery which is opening on Friday, checked out a charity shop and acquired some linen trousers for the summer - they need a bit of adjustment but they are in my favourite RED and could not be passed by!

Met up with a watercolourist friend south of the Border and had a good joint whinge about why we choose to make our livings in creative endeavours instead of toeing the company line for a steady wage.

Met Cairi this morning to discuss the next Woolgathering and to plan a separate small workshop using delicious natural dyes from here. Since then I have been planting carrots, washing hand spun yarn and updating the shop. New stuff includes this lovely cuddly Robin and some felted pinballs! Now I am off to make nests for bluebirds - they should be in the shop by the weekend!


Suzi-k said...

Forgot to say in my email, I love the border tart gracing the parcel, she gives it a festive feel before you even start opening the brown packaging! Nice touch!

Ash said...

Thank you! I am just very relieved that the parcel got to you OK and that you liked all the goodies!

natural attrill said...

Just found your blog thru PG's, I love the little bird you sent her. Looking at your felted pin balls, they are cute. I have helped my son Toby with felting, making beads for his jewellery, its difficult to get them right each time, with no cracks, and time consuming with sore hands!

Ash said...

Hello Penny!- I admit I have been quietly enjoying yours and Toby's work for a while - those necklaces of found objects are very desirable and one of these days when the bills are paid...I'll NEED one!