Monday, June 2

Textiles Rock!

So much good stuff happens round textiles, it's uplifting. Maybe it's a very basic human need for warmth and reassurance; sometimes it's an equally powerful need to make, to be creative, to conjure something beautiful from the mundane. 
Whatever, it's there in abundance when you look closely.
Back of the sample hat I have knitted in indigo dyed chunky merino
At Dingwall's Highland Wool Festival I had a great time yarning with all sorts of happy people who flocked to the event. My handspun sold, my buttons sold, but what I particularly loved was that my indigo yarn was so popular. I foresee much dyeing in the next few months as well as planning of the online shop for my website.

Recently I had an e-mail from B, a lady more normally creative in other fields. She had seen my Indian block print packs and kits and wondered if I would sell bigger pieces. She went on to order enough to make herself a quilt, to fulfil a long-held dream to recreate a quilt she remembered from childhood.

The multi-talented Pat Douglas attended a Warped Workshop run by Ali at the weekend, where she learned to block print on fabrics. Before you could blink she was home and stitching into her newly created linen fabric, and loving it!

This weekend too, I had an e-mail from a Finnish lady enquiring about my handspun yarn - so pictures will be wending their way to her tonight.


Yesterday I spent a happy afternoon in the garden with two dogs for company, spinning yarn. 
Simple pleasures...


Lizzi said...

What a happy wee pixie you are!

I love to read positive posts - it makes me realise what a good place our wee world is.

Riikka said...

I havent seen any yarns like yours here in Finland. Just watching the pictures of the skeins makes me happy....just amazing colours...