Monday, June 16

Cut and punched

.. and folded and assembled. All in a day's (entertaining) work at Roberton on Saturday. 

I led a thoroughly enjoyable workshop at the Forman Hall. It was a claggy rainy day - no fun for gardening, or sheep clipping, or much else outside so we were all pleased to spend our time creating masterpieces from salvaged papers.
We started with simple notebooks punched and bound with bamboo skewers and elastic bands, and proceeded to fold-out books with covers and ties, and folded album pages which linked together, ready to display photographs. The most popular were the zigzag constructions; the inventive group were soon adapting them to all sorts of purposes and conjuring up new ideas.
As the afternoon progressed everyone seemed to work faster and faster - such industry! Maybe it was the chocolate digestives. 
Normally I am pleased when participants go away with one finished object and another in progress but this gathering produced stacks of impressive designs between them.

Elsewhere, spinning continues and button packaging, and decorating of the cottage. None of the latter is very photogenic but I will being showing it off as and when rooms merit it. After all, you may want to stay there some time and enjoy a wee break in this lovely part of the world.

Here's another yarn-in-progress to be going on with.

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Anonymous said...

All looks like very good fun to me. Off for 2 weeks at the end of next week. ? a get together. Fx