Monday, July 16

Warped Up

My Edinburgh jaunt today had a few bonuses. Once I'd handed over my visa application to the powers-that-be (with new improved pictures of self), I did a little light mountaineering round the endless tram works in search of sensible footwear before meeting an old friend. 
We were ladies-who-lunched in a nice wee cafe gallery that neither of us tried before. Possibly ate a little more than was good for us (didn't want to pass up on beetroot and ginger cake...).  

Then I carefully headed to the wrong museum to see the Stitching Times exhibition. Set off again in the right direction but spotted the banners promoting Weaving the Century at the Dovecot Studios in Infirmary Street and dived in there instead. Glorious! Such a wonderful selection of work on display and very accessible. You can get up close and really study the gradations in colour and texture that these talented weavers incorporate in their work - sometimes renditions of existing paintings, sometimes work designed specifically to be woven. And then you can hang over the gallery and look down on the working studio. (Also, if like me you are old enough, you can reminisce about when you used to swim here when it was the Infirmary St baths)
On until the 7th October, free, and a wee cafe there to keep your strength up too.


Lizzi said...

Did you get to the Stitching Times? I followed your link and it said the dates were Oct '11 till Jan '12 - did I read it wrongly? Possibly - in fact - probably. Sounds like a nice day.

Tart said...

D'you know, I am not sure I should be let out...I've just checked online too and you are quite right! No, I got side-tracked by the Dovecot studios exhibition and never did make it that far, which is obviously just as well. I seem to make a habit of getting dates wrong (by nearly a year in some cases). But there are extenuating circumstances in that I had gone online and looked at 'current exhibitions' and it came up. Honest.

jakki said...

lol - i'm getting a bit like that myself - frightening! still obviously it was fate, looks like a great place/exhibit.