Tuesday, July 3

Spinning in the Rain

 Incessant downpours do at least stop me from getting sidetracked too often and the hand spun stocks are building nicely. There have been more additions to the Sweet Trolley of fibre blends too - so there are now Key Lime Pie and Rhubarb Crumble, Black Forest Gateau and Tropical Fruitcake to choose from. Buy the fibre blend to spin or felt and get the recipe too!
 After watching Linda and Ali at our recent-ish book artists get-together, I have been experimenting with making 'paper cloth' using muslin, salvaged papers and PVA. Amongst other things I've made book covers for my all-important India Journals! 

Talking of which, if you check the pages tabs at the top of the blog you'll find one that takes you to my new home for all my Indian experiences. It's there you'll find more detail about the residency/exchange, who the other participants are and what we aim to get out of it all.

experiments in stitch and paper


Anonymous said...

Great to see you at the weekend. Loving the India attachment to your blog. What a good idea. See you tomorrow night Fx

Anonymous said...

Your handspun skeins are yummy and gorgeous - and I'm sure I can detect a certain Indian influence creeping in...