Sunday, July 8

Social Media

..isn't a pleasing expression but there's no getting round that it's here to stay. Blogging and Facebook I enjoy but I have not tiptoed into Twitter yet. (note the yet)

Yesterday I attended a fascinating afternoon at Tower Mill in Hawick, entitled 'How to Spread the Word'. Accomplished authors Sara Sheridan and Nicola Morgan spoke about marketing, social media and e-publishing for writers. From their considerable combined experience they were able to give us lots of advice and examples of what (and what not) to do, and how to create and manage a professional but approachable online presence to promote yourself. Lots of lessons there for all creative people. The afternoon was facilitated by the excellent CABN which provides support to the creative arts sector in the Scottish Borders.


Anonymous said...

Haven't a clue what you are talking about! F x

Tart said...

Aye right! Just keep reading my blog and I'll be happy! I'll maybe Tweet one day but right now I'm filling in my visa application, and today I had my first jabs!