Wednesday, November 3

We have power!

Yup, as of today Tart HQ has lights which work! Not that it's fit for Tart work yet as there's a way to go. However, I have at least taken some in progress shots so you can see what's what.

Now, being a BIG caravan, designed for at least four people to holiday in, it was pretty well equipped, even if it did have a large leak right above the draining board. That has been fixed, and I dragged the oven/grill out and it's heading for the recycling plant at Hawick. It was the worst element of the whole van and would never have looked clean. Besides which, I want to be left with just the hob so that I am not too tempted to move in permanently.

This first pic was taken when we went to see it at the caravan park - there are two mournful dogs peering out of our old Discovery and wondering what an earth we are up to now.
It looks like this today. The cupboards minus their fronts are to become my bookshelves. The taps will not be functional as there's no practical cheap way of connecting them to a water supply and having drainage too.
There's a thin partition wall between the kitchen and what was the bunk bedroom. I took down the other wall of the bunk room to open it up into what was the living space. So it has gone from this
to thisto this!
The wee rectangle on the back wall is a little memento - an unpainted section of the original flowery wallcovering. And I fixed up the spotlights as soon as the electrician had gone.
My window looks over the fence, across the fields and down the road towards Hawick. How much work will I get done?

Enough caravan, it's back to sewing in labels and gathering props in readiness for the trip to St Abbs on Saturday morning. By the pricking of my thumbs...


Helen said...

Lindsay you're amazing! Can you come and sort my house out? It probably isn't much bigger than the caravan. And I love the little momento touch :-)

katie said...

TART HQ is looking really wonderful - INSULATION!! what are you insulating with? friends who live in a similar sized caravan built wooden cladding on the outside with inches of wool between the layers. I want you to be warm, but mostly I don't want all the textiles to go mouldy. Our little treehouse has insulation on the floor and ceiling too. Secondary glazing.... night storage heaters ... warmth Lindsay my dear girl, you are practically within sight of the arctic circle!
not paranoid or anything you understand.
I am extremely excited for you!

bizzilizzi said...

Nice one - a lovely wee creative space.